About Us

About Us

Georgia Strait Music Camps are run by a registered society, organizing music camps since 1992. We operate on a non-profit basis, hosting Jam Camps in the Spring and Fall and our flagship Instructional Camp in June.

Our society is administered by a volunteer Board of Directors:
Rosemary Campbell, Andrew Drinnan, Kathy Francis, Barry Truter, and Josie Francis.

Our History:

The first Georgia Strait camp was organized in 1992 by founding members Granville Airton, Julie Valenti, Barry Truter, Mark Sheldon, and Viv Ruskin. Originally called the Georgia Strait Guitar Workshop, the camps quickly grew to include instrumentalists and singers from a wide range of backgrounds. Since then our campers and instructors have included award-winning musicians and beginners alike, with numerous attendees joining forces to continue musical explorations outside of camp.

This lasting legacy of musical connections and support is the lifeblood of Georgia Strait Music Camp, and the reason our volunteers work so hard to create these magical events year after year.

GSGW Past Directors:

A word of appreciation for our past directors:

Granville Airton, Penny Sidor, Jennifer West, Alan Martin, Vivian Chenard, Wahl, Jean Strachan, Jessica Heaven, and Miranda Ting for their time and energy while on the GSGW Board.

Past Workshops: Click Here