Fall & Spring Jams

Spring and Fall Jam Camps


Our Spring Jam and Fall Jam Camps feature singing, jamming, do-it-yourself workshops and the world’s friendliest Saturday Night concert, with opportunities for all who wish to perform.
All this musical fun is only interrupted by the food bell, calling you to gather in the dining hall for amazing home-made meals. Learn new chords, take a walk on the beach or jam late into the night.



The cost for the weekend is CDN$295.

This price covers six gourmet meals, (including Friday night dinner), basic dorm-style accommodation, snacks, coffee, tea, and free parking. These retreats fill up quickly so don’t delay in sending in your application; places are filled in the order received.




  • Registration at the camp starts at 5:00 pm, with supper at 6:00 pm.
  • During supper you have the choice to sign up for a Hat Band where randomly you are placed in a band and figure out a musical arrangement as a group for performance at the Saturday Night Concert.
  • A variety of Friday evening jams take place in different meeting areas in the camp.


Informal workshops can be requested or provided by any camp attendees. Workshops are posted in the dining hall and run on the mornings and in the afternoon. As a camper you can choose which workshop to take or decide to jam with other campers.  On Saturday evening the student concert is held which is a highlight of camp.


Informal workshops again in the morning and afternoon. You can also choose to go for a beach walk or visit with other campers with time to pack and clear the camp by 3:00 pm.


Cancellation policy:

A $25 cancellation fee is charged on all cancellations. Fees paid will be retained to be used as credits for future events with the understanding that the extent of the credit given on cancellations received within 14 days of any event will be at the discretion of the organizers.

Please refer to our FAQ’s page for more information.


Click below to register in the Fall or Spring Jam Camps:

November 8-10, 2024

Sign-up coming soon

March 7-9, 2025